“A Man in Motion”

Bob Benavides

Property Maintenance Manager for Old Port Cove

Spend a morning with Bob Benavides and you’ll be convinced it’s positive energy that keeps this man in motion.

Always on the move at Old Port Cove in North Palm Beach, the 53-year-old Property Maintenance Manager is considered an everyday hero to dozens of boaters, business owners and office managers. He splits his time and attention between an office plaza, Sandpiper’s Cove Restaurant, and three marinas. “He’s in charge of keeping everything shiny and new and running smoothly,” says Sue Morgan, marketing director for Old Port Cove Holdings, Inc. Bob and his crews roam miles every day to maintain grounds, docks and buildings and respond to structural and mechanical concerns. It’s no wonder Bob considers a golf cart his mobile office.

Described by tenants as affable and approachable, Bob’s diligence when fixing problems like broken air conditioning has become legendary over the years. The owners of Gary Edwards Salon in Old Port Cove Plaza have relied on Bob for more than a decade. “He can do anything, rip out an office and rebuild it, electrical, plumbing, he works on boats and cars,” says Gary Edwards. His wife, Patti Edwards, remembers a special favor, “he even fixed the brakes in my car.” Nordhavn Yachts Southeast moved into the plaza in 2014 and sales manager, Andy Hegley says Bob was responsive from the start. “He was a tremendous help, getting our office in good shape by arranging for contractors and doing some of the work himself.” Accolades abound too, at the marinas under Bob’s care, Old Port Cove Marina, North Palm Beach Marina and New Port Cove Marine Center in Riviera Beach. Having worked on boats for 20 years, Bob considers marinas the perfect workplace, “Whether I’m digging a hole or fixing cement, the marina is a beautiful place to be.”

Each and every task is no sweat for this on-the-go maintenance manager, “It is way beyond business, I consider boat owners and the tenants my friends, it’s about being loyal to friends.” Raised in Detroit, Michigan, Bob credits his parents, who were educators, for his work ethic. “I was taught if you want something, go get it.”  His father’s giving nature, also struck a chord with Bob. “He has a special blood type and heard about a little girl who needed a regular supply. Dad committed to donating blood for her, until he had to stop because of his age.”

At home in Jupiter, Bob maintains a high energy level too, “I always have projects going, like refinishing a table; I need to keep busy.” An 11-year old Chihuahua named Chicken keeps Bob moving, with early morning walks before work. “Chicken is not only a great dog, but a great judge of character. People I don’t like, Chicken doesn’t like either.” A resident of Palm Beach County for 25 years, Bob relishes the South Florida lifestyle. He’s an avid boater and kayaker, loves the heat and is continually impressed by local attractions. “Having guests in town reinforces why people love to live here, all the parks, restaurants, waterways for boating.” Bob shares it all with Barbara Hayes, his partner of 20 years, who he describes as his much better half. “She just makes me better.”

Many at Old Port Cove appreciate how Bob makes things better and may be surprised to know that a communication tool Bob relies on for all his multi-tasking is also a pet peeve. “I value texting at work, because its efficient communication, but I would much rather talk to someone.” Texting and social media, Bob sees it all as taking away the personal touch he values, a personal touch, that makes him invaluable to so many.

F – French fries or tater tots? French Fries

R – Right brained or left brained? Right Brained at home Left Brained at work

E – Email or carrier pigeon? Carrier Pigeon

S – Sunshine or moonlight? Sunshine

H – Homebody or party-animal? Party Animal