Chief Bark Officer

Fiona Crowley

A day at the office with Chief Bark Officer, Fiona Crowley. Fiona, a German Shepherd mix, was a rescue dog at 4 months old, and has been enjoying her position with ImMEDIAcy PR in North Palm Beach every day since.

Fiona Crowley













F – French fries or tater tots? I prefer my Paul Newman peanut butter treats.

R – Right brained or left brained? I’m pretty smart, so left-brained.

E – Email or carrier pigeon? Can I chase the pigeon?

S – Sunshine or moonlight? I love being outside, day and night.

H – Homebody or party animal? I lean to homebody, but if i see one of my BFFs (Best Furry Friends) coming down the street, it’s party time!